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About Eureka!

Brief history

The Institutional Repository “Eureka!” started on June 2006 as a subproject within the O.P. "Education" II – MEASURE 2.1 ACTION 2.1.3 “ENFORCEMENT AND ENRICHMENT OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES”. The programme is co-funded by the European Community Treasury/Fund (75%) and National Resources (25%). The aim of the Central Library of Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki (ATEI-The), which is responsible for the total management of this project, is the creation of a useful electronic tool that will promote the dissemination and interchange of the academic output of the Institution.

Our audience

“Eureka!” IR is addressed, primarily, to its community, that is, the professors-researchers, the students and the administrative staff of the Institution. However, the information held in it can be accessed openly by all users of Internet. The subject areas of “Eureka!” are relative and respective to the several disciplines covered by the schools and departments of ATEI-The. In addition, the collection is being enriched with cultural material, as well as material of general interest.

“Eureka!” collection and services

In “Eureka!” collection you will mostly find scientific publications, research results, conference material, cultural works, thesis and projects, etc. of the members of ATEI-The community.
  • Open access to the content of our collections
  • Online content submission
  • Personalized services: these services require user registration to the electronic environment of the “Eureka!” system. For this registration the user needs an email account, only. Personalized services include:
    • Registration to some specific collection of your interest
    • Submission of scientific and other relative works to the collections of which the user is registered to.
    • Information via “newsletters” about general news or new submissions to the collections of which the user is registered to.
    • Collection management. Here, are included operations like the selection of the type of the objects to be published, control of the workflow of the objects to be published, etc.
  • Collection browsing by subject, author, title and date.
  • Simple and advanced search within the content of “Eureka!”
  • Use of external search engines of scholarly publications, such as “Google Scholar” and “OAISTER”.

Finally, it is worth to mention that the website of “Eureka!” supports the English language, so that the published researches to it have greater visibility and are understandable to foreign researchers and other interested parts, even if the language to which the research is written is Greek.

The importance of “Eureka!” to ATEI-The and its community

“Eureka!” is something more than an online archive. It is a useful web-tool that promotes the scientific production of the Institution. The mechanisms of electronic content publication and documentation of “Eureka” ease the dissemination and the interchange of the scientific content between the same and other institutions. With the cooperation among institutions and researchers the scientific knowledge is multiplied and made easy accessible by anyone through the Institutional Repositories. But the most important thing is that this knowledge is preserved to the future as heritage to the next generations. In addition, there is a direct impact of the scientific knowledge to education (through teaching) and culture (as a means for the historical course and development of sciences).